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July  6, 2010

Review: Janson Beckett Dual Source Vitamin C& C Facial Serum.

The older we ladies get, itís pretty much inevitable that we will begin to worry about wrinkles, sagging and uneven skin tone. Yikes! The joy of being being a woman, eh?

Dual Source Vitamin C& C Facial Serum (MSRP $44.95 for a 0.5oz bottle) from the cosmeceutical company Janson Beckett is touted as an ďIntensive Age-Defying Cosmetic Skin Treatment" that, when used twice daily, works to perform three different actions: smoothing and tightening the appearance of skin by increasing collagen production (haha on you, wrinkles!), repairing and preventing sun damage with its antioxidant rich Vitamin C formula and evening out skin tone by lightening brown spots and discoloration.

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