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July  31, 2010

Product Review: Janson Beckett Cosmeceuticals Vitamin C&C Facial Serum

My skin is fair and super sensitive to the sun.   I burn easily, freckle profusely and get dark patches all over my face.   In my quest for even toned skin, I have tried dozens of products that claim to   reduce or eliminate dark patches and fade freckles, even going so far one year to have laser treatments Ė which didnít work and REALLY hurt.   Recently I was given some samples of a new product from Janson Beckett Cosmeceuticals called   Vitamin C& C Facial Serum, and Iím delighted to report that after 2 weeks of consistent use, I see a noticeable difference in my skin.   Some of the splotchy areas are significantly lighter, and the darkest spots are breaking up and beginning to fade.

Vitamin-C is a clinically proven potent and beneficial antioxidant. Study after study has demonstrated that it ďkick-startsĒ collagen production in sluggish less energized skin cells. When applied to an area where fine lines and wrinkles are present it boosts the collagen levels and helps fill in the unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C& C Facial Serumís dual source Vitamin-C formula combines precise concentrations of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and sodium ascorbate. This potent Vitamin-C serum helps to protect against and repair environmental skin damage and signs of aging while stimulating collagen synthesis.

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