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DermaExcel 7 (1oz)

DermaExcel 7 (1oz)

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john - New York   (Sunday, May 18, 2014)

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DermaExcel 7
Nathalie - FRANCE   (Tuesday, July 20, 2010)

To put it simply, it is the most incredible product I have ever used on my skin! Seems to act almost like an invisible lines/wrinkle 'eraser' and really makes the skin more resilient, younger and healthier looking. Totally hooked!!

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Sherie Light - Roanoke, VA   (Sunday, July 19, 2009)

I recently ordered your line fron Shop NBC. I will try anything to help with lines and the dreaded age spots. After a few days useage I threw my Elizabeth Grant and Obagi out. This looks like a lot of product to contend with am and pm but it is not. I like the way my make up goes on and stays in place, no balling effect. Your products right down to the packaging and quantity anr amazing. I will add the Derma Excel 7 to my CE.
Thank you for these great products.

update DermaExcel
Dorothy MacDonald - Cape Cod MA   (Wednesday, July 15, 2009)

I have been a Janson Beckett devotee for approximately 7 years. For most of those years I have been faithful to AlphaDermaCE, Skin Prep and later C&C. When DermaExcel first came out I spot treated when I wanted to look my best. As the years go by I see a few more forehead, lip lines and crows feet. For the past month I have been using DermaExcel twice a day on problem areas. I use it after Mineral Prep and AlphaDermaCE. Using it in this manner has made a remarkable difference. My upper lip is firm and almost line free. Crows feet are far less noticable. Forehead lines a tad tougher. I thought the price seemed high. However, DermaExcel lasts so long. A pea size amount covers all areas of concern. Considering I 'm now 64 I am proud of the way I look and owe much of my youthful skin to the Janson Beckett line. Can't thank you enough.

Kathy - Greensboro, NC   (Wednesday, April 11, 2007)

I have been using the Derma CE for three weeks & the DermaExcel 7 for a week & a half...They both are fantastic...Waiting for my next paycheck so I can order more...The outcome is awesome...I recommend these products, because they both are a 'facelift in a jar'...

majorb - USA   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

Although it's too early to really give an informed opinion on it, here's what I thought after my first try...
Although I applied the Derma Excel to all of my fine line/potential line areas, the only place I actually "felt" anything was on my naso-labial area. Not quite a tingling, but could definitely feel something happening there.
Immediately after application, I didn't notice a great deal of difference - but my very fine crow's feet lines (already not very noticeable thanks to the rest of the JB line) did look even fainter. I thought there might have been a very slight reduction in being able to scrunch my forehead, although I originally thought this might just be wishful thinking.
Took a look in the mirror about an hour after application and my crow's feet weren't nearly so visible when I tried smiling. Forehead scrunching ability was reduced for sure by this time.
Just had another look in the mirror (I actually hate looking in the mirror! Laughing ) and my forehead fine lines are certainly much fainter now and my one naso-labial line is slightly diminished. Crow's feet are barely visible when I smile.
I'm going to see how it goes over the next week, and if I'm still getting these results (or hopefully even better ones) by then, I'll be placing my order.

Tangerine - USA   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

I got my last week and I really like it!!! Thanks Ivan for such generous offer.
As a lot of people mentioned, I also felt a warm sensation when I apply it and it makes my face look hydrated and glowing right away

RuthM - USA   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

My package came last week &amp; after 5 days, I'm really enjoying this product! (Actually, I somehow knew that I would!!! Cool - this morning I'm placing my order for a spare Rolling Eyes )
Tomorrow is a facial day so I'm anxious to get my aesthetician's reaction. She's approved of all of my Janson Beckett items by 100% plus!

AnnieR - USA   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

Got mine today! What a generous offer and I can't thank them enough. Put it on my nasolabial lines and they were diminished along with reduction of my crowsfeet. Can't wait to try it on my husband on the 11's. He was commenting on the expense that JB maintained to get this product out to everyone to try so we are indeed very fortunate.

Feliz - USA   (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

I received my Derma Excel 7 today. I was surprised to get a bottle, wow amazing that a company would be so generous.
I do not have deep lines so I tried the product on the fine lines between my eyes and the corners of my eyes and yes it works. I also tried it on my husband who is only 34 yet has thick skin so his lines on his forhead are deeper than mine. It is amazing to see how it softens the lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For my mother in law I plan to get her the entire line of Alpha Derma products for Christmas including the Derma Excel 7!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Janson &amp; Beckett!!!!!!!!!

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