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5% DMAE Firming Serum with Elastin

High Potency DMAE to Firm & Tighten
with the benefits of Elastin to fight "Loss of Elasticity"

DMAE is formulated specifically for one purpose, firming & Lifting.
This ingredient Is one of the elite firming ingredients in skincare. Our formula has been blended to include the highest, safest optimum potencies available without a prescription and is unrivaled in effectiveness. It targets what is known as “turkey neck” or sagging skin under the chin and all around the neck and throat area, providing a quick lift to facial appearances.  

The application is simple. Use morning and night. Watch how fast and easy this formula is absorbed and begins to work with no greasy feel or residue left on application area. The DMAE formula can be used in conjunction with our other items with no reaction.

Unlike our Okusil used for the entire eye and brow area the DMAE serum is used for firming and tightening the entire face, throat and neck area. Blending in the key ingredient “Elastin” fights the sagginess caused by the loss of elasticity.


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5% DMAE Firming Serum with Elastin
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